Give us a call (or send us a fax) at 866.336.3430. You may also reach us as follows:

Stephen Gordon- President
Office: 866.336.3430 EXT 101
Cell: 256.874.2985

Jason Pye- Vice President
Office: 866.336.3430 EXT 105
Cell: 770.601.7287

Ashley Edwards- Director of Sales and Marketing
Office: 866.336.3430 EXT 102
Cell: 205.586.1669

Brett Bittner- Chief Financial Officer
Office: 866.336.3430 EXT 106
Cell: 404.492.6524



Our team can manage every aspect of your online presence from site design and development to social media marketing and ad campaigns. In short, we can do anything from developing an integrated online strategy to assisting your existing organization with specific tasks.

We offer services such as, but not limited to:

  • Blog/Site Creation & Management
  • Internet Public Relations Consulting
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Online Activism Coordination
  • Logo Design
  • Graphics Layout
  • Content Creation (specializing in small-government and conservative politics)
  • Online Video Production (we have multiple clients with mega-viral YouTubes)
  • Social Networking – (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Online Advertising
  • Email Lists Management
  • Email Campaign Administration
  • Volunteer Lists Management
  • Online Contribution Management
  • Web Fundraising Campaign Management
  • SMS (texting) Campaign System Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Advertising Administration
  • Writing/Editing Emails
  • Web Video Coordination
  • GOTV/Internet Operations Integration
  • Web Metrics Analysis, Reports, & Recommendations
  • Online Event Registration Systems
  • Election Night Operations
  • Recount Operations

Here are a couple of our single issue landing pages.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your organization’s needs and how Forward Focus Media might best meet them.


Stephen P. Gordon, President
General Media and Internet Strategy Consultant

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Stephen Gordon has worked as a political consultant and Internet activist since the Republican Revolution, beginning with the Oliver North for Senate campaign. Since then, he’s worked for, managed or consulted with a variety of candidate and issue campaigns at a local, state and national level. Recently, he has served as the Communications Director for the national Libertarian Party, Alabama Media Director during Ron Paul’s presidential race, Communications Director for Kim Rafferty’s Birmingham City Council race, e-Campaign Manager for former Congressman Bob Barr’s presidential bid and e-Campaign Director for Tim James’s gubernatorial bid.

Stephen was called “the leader in Internet activism” by Birmingham radio talk show host Russ Fine for his efforts in defeating a 2003 statewide tax increase proposal. “It’s kind of like the independent music store, the underground, the cool record store, of politics,” stated Nirvana co-founder Krist Novoselic about one of Stephen’s websites.

Stephen is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Liberty Caucus and a member of Jefferson County (AL) GOP Executive Committee.


Ashley EdwardsVice President
IT Specialist and Electronic Campaign Consultant

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Ashley grew up in Birmingham, AL, and graduated from the University of Alabama with an engineering B.S. degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.

She has been designing and developing websites for over 15 years. Ashley has many years of experience with MySQL, PHP, XHTML, CSS, .NET platform, ASP.NET, C#, C++, Java, Oracle, etc., as well as Software Quality Assurance practices pertaining to website applications. Her background in SQA helps her ensure that the clients are satisfied with the final product. She has also become experienced with using SEO to produce the best search engine results returned for client websites and can guarantee clients can dominate search engines with her SEO methods.

Ashley has worked on many campaigns, from a local to national level and has already begun working on multiple 2014 campaigns. She worked for one of the GOP presidential campaigns in 2012, and also was the State Director and a Delegate for another third-party Presidential Campaign that same year. Ashley is also involved in many political groups/organizations, such as: The American Association of Political Consultants, Young Americans for Liberty, various young republican groups locally, state-wide, and nationally, and the Alabama Republican Liberty Caucus, to name a few.

Ashley also has written and reported for multiple national online news sources, most recently for The Leadership Institute’s college news source online, Her experience there has led her to multiple other opportunities in the journalism profession, including research and writing for Laura Ingraham’s national talk radio show.

As FFM’s DC Associate, Ashley is excited to expand the company’s client base and reputation throughout the DC Metropolitan area, attracting more national exposure for the company.

Brett BittnerChief Financial Officer
Social Media Specialist

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Brett Bittner is a Atlanta-based new media specialist, focusing on creative and innovative ways to make a message go viral. His social media campaign designs create a unique approach for each message reaching the maximum number of eyes and ears. His work goes beyond politics, encompassing non-profits, businesses, high-profile individuals, and even his passion for canines.

His personal “passion” project, Ask Spike Online, has garnered national media attention, including an interview with Forbes magazine’s online edition. Included as a part of the campaign to promote Ask Spike Online is one of his earliest successes in social media, the wildly popular Twitter scavenger hunt, BarkHunt.

In addition to his duties with Spike, Brett serves as a writer with United Liberty and as a founding member of The 1776 Project.

Shana J. KluckDirector of Outreach and Marketing

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

A native Texan and homeschooling mom of four, Shana began her foray into politics as a grassroots leader in the Ron Paul for President Campaign, eventually becoming the Alabama State Coordinator and National Director of Homeschoolers for Ron Paul. She also served as the online social media director for Bob Barr’s presidential bid.

She has worked with national figures for book promotions, online reputation management and online presence development. At a regional level, Shana has assisted numerous statewide and district candidates develop a winning comprehensive online campaign strategy.

Within Alabama, Shana stays busy with local politics, serving on the Alabama Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, the Tuscaloosa County Republican Executive Committee, the Alabama State Republican Executive Committee, the Alabama Federation of Young Republicans Steering Committee, and is an officer in the Alabama Republican Liberty Caucus. 

Shana specializes in providing unique, cutting-edge techniques for online advertising, helping her clients target and re-target potential donors and supporters for conservative candidates and organizations.

Shana is on the process of moving on and is currently serving as the Communications Director for the Republican Party of Alabama, where she can put her skills to better use. She may be contacted at

Brad A. McLaughlin, Technical Specialist

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Brad has been designing and developing websites for over 4 years. He went to college at Lee University, graduating in 2006 with a Computer Information Systems B.S. Degree and an Art Minor. He has many years of experience with Linux servers, Apache, MySQL, PHP, XHTML, CSS, as well as ColdFusion.

He is an avid code writer and design specialist. Preferring to code all by hand, he simply wants to be the most involved in a project as possible and that gives him the ability to do so. He is currently finishing his Art Degree at the University of Alabama.

Brad has been known to be a perfectionist when it comes to coding and techniques. To him, coding in itself is an art form and shouldn’t be looked at any less.

Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., Video Production

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Ladd worked for NASA and the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command making animations, videos, and various classified websites. After that, he co-founded an online 3D render farm called Respower with clients like Paramount (Star Trek), Sony, Nikelodean, Disney, and more. He then made two independent feature films: Flatland and Hive Mind.

After making these two independent feature films, Ladd turned his attention to participating in the political world, creating multiple ads for multiple candidates across the nation, creating millions upon millions of views and hundreds of thousands of dollars of free earned media and name recognition. Learn about Ladd at his website.


Forward Focus Media LLC, a strategic web consulting firm with offices in Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. Our team has the experience, enthusiasm, and skills necessary to manage virtually every aspect of a non-profit’s or campaign’s online presence. The partners in our firm have served in a variety of middle to senior level Internet and communications positions with local, state and national campaigns and organizations.

In addition to our extensive experience managing grassroots web-based campaigns for conservative and small-government candidates and non-profits, we also maintain the youthful energy and thought processes necessary to win over pivotal younger constituencies who find most of their information on the Internet.

Unlike traditional media, Internet techniques and strategies can become outdated in months. We understand that this can seem overwhelming to a lot of people. We are able to help bring your organization’s existing Internet presence up to speed and on top of all the latest techniques by developing and implementing a comprehensive online strategy for your organization.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.


“Over the years, Forward Focus Media has assisted me with projects ranging from social networking to dealing with the mainstream media, and management of Internet operations. Their results are always timely and professional, and I recommend them highly.” – former Congressman Bob Barr

“My experience working with Forward Focus Media has been great. They worked with me until my site was exactly what I wanted. I get compliments on the site all the time, and I recommend them to everyone wanting a website or new media communications strategy.” – Brooklyn Roberts, Executive Director, Eagle Forum of Alabama

“When our campaign hired Forward Focus Media we had no idea how dedicated and innovative they were. Sure, they told us they were very capable of meeting our needs for e-communications, but they were much more than that. In no time, we had the most user-friendly, interactive website among all gubernatorial campaigns. I was communications director for Tim James and worked with them day-in and day-out for nearly a year. They taught me more than a few things about e-communications.

“More than that, they took us by the hand and helped us build the largest social media network of the campaign. Our message reached the people we needed to target, and, as an added bonus, we started raising money over the Internet as a result.

“Our experience with Stephen Gordon and Shana Kluck of Forward Focus Media couldn’t have been better. They are proactive and professional, always bringing ideas to you and offering the best creative approach when, in the heat of a campaign, it’s most needed.

“They literally worked round-the-clock, seven days a week for us. We never got put on the back burner or told they were unavailable. Never. You can contact me if you want to verify what I’m saying. In short, our campaign benefitted immeasurably from the work of Forward Focus Media.

“Here’s some good advice: Hire them.” -

Brett Hall
, Alabama Deputy Agriculture Commissioner

“Having worked with Forward Focus Media and Stephen Gordon for many years, I can say their timeliness, professionalism and, most importantly, their commitment to the goals of the client, stand head and shoulders above the rest. It has been a pleasure to have a long standing relationship with Steve and Forward Focus and we look forward to many more years of producing results with them.” — Shane Cory, President, Gold State Marketing

“Shana’s dedication to the Luther Strange for Attorney General campaign was evident, whether she was on the clock or off. She helped us use online campaign technology to effectively deliver and target our message to voters. She knows how to work with a team and was always accessible. Campaigns require a team that is always on duty and Shana never let us down.” – Jessica Garrison, Campaign Manager, Luther Strange for Alabama Attorney General

“Forward Focus Media was the e-communications firm we hired for my campaign for Alabama governor in 2010. We had interviewed several firms and found them to be pretty much the same, except Forward Focus Media. It made no difference that they were based in Alabama, due to the fact that a number of our professional services vendors were out-of-state and handled our needs very well.

The website construction, creative presentation and maintenance of the website always exceeded our expectations. I was most pleased that we were ahead of the other campaigns in terms of moving our message via the Internet. This included circulation of campaign videos, where our YouTube hits exceeded all the traffic of all the other gubernatorial campaigns combined.

“Forward Focus Media, led by Stephen Gordon and Shana Kluck, did an outstanding job for us and I highly recommend them.” – Tim James

“You just may fix my decade long online problem quickly. . .

. . .I’m very confident of that. . .

. . .you are really helping in a big way!”

former Congressman Joe Scarborough

“There is no better political webteam to work with in Alabama or the Southeast. Forward Focus Media consistently delivers a quality product in record time and remain responsive throughout the entire process and long afterwards. They are always the first people I call when I need a website taken care of because I know it’ll be done right the first time. Their understanding of the world of politics allows them to fill in the gaps where I may fail to relay clear directions.” – Alabama State Senator Scott Beason

“I was fully impressed by the way Forward Focus Media implemented and ran my website and press releases during my campaign in 2009. I credit them greatly with getting the name recognition I needed to win my election.” – Kim Rafferty, Birmingham City Council



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